Sculpted from some of the oldest rocks in the world, North Uist’s fascinating landscape and "Gulf Stream" climate supports a rich and varied animal and plant life.

North Uist is a haven for migrating and wading birds. But there is a wealth of species to be seen as "spotter’s diaries show. From sea and shore, croft and machair, to moors and high ground, these varied habitats offer a wealth of sightings. There is RSPB reserve at Banranald in the west coast of North Uist and also Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve in South Uist ( Scottish National Nature Reserve).

The elusive corncrake breeds on the Machair and regular "Corncrake Walks" are lead throughout the summer to hear these strange sounding birds http://www.cne-siar.gov.uk/biodiversity/whatson.htm.

Wildlife in Uist is everywhere! Even in the garden! Red Deer and Rabbits are frequent garden visitors and we are always delighted to hear our guest’s experience of otters on the loch, all of which can be quietly observed from the windows of the cottage. Although not strictly wild life (though they can be pretty "wild" at times!) watching the sheep and lambs on the croft is also a delight.

Common and Grey seals can be seen around harbours such as Lochmaddy and whales, dolphins & sharks can be spotted off the coasts. Summer boat trip to smaller islands such as The Monarch Isles are available; enquire at Lochmaddy Tourist Information Centre.

Scottish Natural Heritage have produced an excellent leaflet which shows some wildlfe which can been seen, and more importanly where to look. Also worth a look at is the local tourist board site wildlife pages the site is worth a look at the events page just to see what going on for when you plan your trip.

Day trips can also be organised if you wish see Wildlife tours in the Uists and local natural history society.